Aija Zariņa
 Aija Zariņa. Nida 2010. Oil on canvas, 90x45 Aija Zariņa. Daugaviņa. 2008. Oil on canvas, 100x130 
  Golden Path. 2012. Oil on canvas, 151x197 Lightness of the Existence. 2010. Acrylic on canvas, 150x50 
  Jāzeps Grosvalds 1916. 2010. Oil on canvas, 150x100 A Touch. 2008. Oil on canvas, 200x150 
  The Light of Trumpets. 2008. Oil on canvas, 180x140 Violeta. 2010. Oil on canvas, 204x140 
  Aija Zariņa. Blooming. 2010. Oil on canvas, 156x115cm Aija Zariņa. My Sporting Ground. 2011. Oil on canvas, 60x80cm 
  Self-Portrait with Sun Brooch. 2009./2013. Oil on canvas, 128x205 Aija Zariņa. An Eater. Life. 2008. Oil on canvas, 140x90cm 

Aija Zariņa

Born on January 12, 1954, in the Village of Sauka, Jēkabpils district, Latvia.

„I am trying to figure out what it is that I personally have to do. I’m looking for the essence, I’m looking for my true make-up. I pay attention to what am I being shown. What am I being shown at this particular moment? I want to know what it is. Because it’s not a matter of chance. Nothing is in this world. We are perfectly designed systems. There are perfect laws at work. These are the things accessible to me, they are at my disposal. That’s my cognitive process.”

“Painting is also a good way of talking to yourself. New stages of development are approaching, I have to do some work on myself. Machinery needs repairing. I have to move on to a higher level. The things that’s new for me is exactly the reason behind all the previous periods which were devoted to external struggles. It’s all about human values. If we don’t honour them, the external fights are superfluous.”

From the book AIJA, published 2007, SIA Blankenfeldes muiža.

2006-2011 Manager of LMS gallery.
2003 Master of Arts degree.
2002-2004 Teacher of Fine Art in Business school.
2001 Curator of the exhibition Antiņš, exhibition hall Arsenāls, Riga, Latvia.
2000-2002 Specialist of public relation in LNMM, leads a group Friends of Art.
1996 Stage design for Shakespeare Loves Me, based on Shakespeare’s sonnets, directed by M. Ķimele, the JRT Theatre, Riga.
1994 Stage design for the Book of Ruth, based on the Old Testament, directed by M. Ķimele, the JRT Theatre, Riga.
1993 Stage design for the King Lear by W. Shakespear, directed by M. Ķimele Graduation work of the student actors at the Latvian Academy of Music, later part of the JRT Theatre repertory, Riga.
1993 Stage design for The Hetaera of Pārventa by G. Priede, directed by M. Ķimele, the JRT Theatre, Riga.
1983 Member of the Latvian Artists’ Union.
1976–1982 Latvian Academy of Art, Department of Painting.
1980 Starts participating in exhibitions.


2015 RA i nis, gallery Alma, Riga, Latvia.
2014 Sprīdītis, Museum of Literature and Music, Riga, Latvia.
2013 Happy Land, gallery Daugava, Riga, Latvia.
2012 Father, exhibition hall Arsenāls, Riga, Latvia.
2011 The City of Future, CDH, Moscow, Russia.
2011 Your child, Gallery Daugava, Riga, Latvia.
2009 Gardener, Gallery Tifāna, Riga, Latvia.
2008 Daugaviņa, Gallery Daugava, Riga, Latvia.
2008 Facility of Existence, Mezvida Library, Vilnius, Lithuania.
2008 My way, Museum Kampa, Prague, Czec.*
2007 A Princess on the Pea, exhibition hall Arsenāls, Riga, Latvia.
2006 Steps, gallery Tifāna, Riga, Latvia.
2005 Young Riga Theatre, Riga, Latvia.
2004 Conversation about Art, Riga Gallery, Riga, Latvia.
2001 A Sunset, Gallery Čiris, Riga, Latvia.
2001 A Waking Up, Dum umeni mesta, Brno, Czech.
1999 Zuzanna and a Cat, Gallery Daugava, Riga, Latvia.
1998 A Guide, Gallery Noass, Riga, Latvia.
1998 Aija Draws. Aija in the Sign, State Museum of Art, Riga, Latvia.*
1998 A Bell, Giedre Bartelt Gallery, Berlin, Germany.
1996 The Head of Mother God, Riga Gallery, Riga, Latvia.
1995 Kentaurs, putns un zilonis II, galerija G & G, Rīga, Latvija.
1995 Together with Andris Breže, St. Tom’s Cathedral, Rovinja, Croatia.
1994 Rider, Angel and a Lion, the 2nd Annual SCCA, Riga exhibition State, Film Photo Phono Archive, Riga, Latvia.*
1993 Gallery P.U.N.K.T., Hamburg, Germany.
1993 Centaur, Bird and Elephant, exhibition hall Latvia, Riga, Latvia.*
1992 Gallery G&G, Riga, Latvia.
1992 Taidemaalariliiton Gallery, Helsinki, Finland.*
1992 Galerie du Rond Point, Paris, France.*
1991 Princess Gundega Black Room, Gallery Jāņa sēta, Riga, Latvia.*
1989 Museum of Art Arsenāls, Riga, Latvia.*
1989 Nakhamkin Fine Arts Gallery, New York, USA
1986 Gallery of the Artists’ House, Riga, Latvia.*
1983 Landscapes, the Hall of Planetarium, Riga, Latvia.*


2016 Days of Birds in Alksnāja Street, gallery Daugava, Riga, Latvia.
2014 Play, gallery Daugava, Riga, Latvia.
2013 ABLV Collection, Riga Art Space, Latvia.
2012 Autumn, Gallery Daugava, Riga, Latvia.
2011 Is it that he does not seek the truth, but does want to influence?, Riga Art Space, Riga, Latvia.
2011 1960s, 1970s, 1980s. Artworks from private collections, Gallery Daugava, Riga, Latvia.
2011 CHA-2011. Artist. City., Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia
2010 Rainbow, Gallery Daugava, Riga, Latvia.
2010 Ponderosity, Contemporary Art in Bolderāja, Riga, Latvia.
2010 Gender Check, Warsaw`s National Gallery Zacheta, Poland.
2009 Gender Check, Museum of MUMOK , Vienna, Austria.
2009 Autumn 2009, Gallery Daugava, Riga, Latvia.
2009 European Cities, Representation Hall of LR, Brussels, Belgium.
2008 Contemporary Art of Latvia, MOYA, Vienna, Austria /organized by Gallery Daugava/.*
2008 Flower Power. Rauma biennale, Rauma, Finland
2007 Painting Triennial of the Baltic Republics, Vilnius, Lithuania.
2007 Contemporary Art from Latvia, European Central Bank, Brussels, Belgium.
2006 The Time of Museum, Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga, Latvia.*
2004 Transgressors, exhibition hall Arsenāls, Riga, Latvia.
2003 Abstractionism in Latvian Painting, exhibition hall Arsenāls, Riga, Latvia.
2002 Gentle Fluctuations, exhibition hall Arsenals, Riga, Latvia.*
2001 An Interval, exhibition hall Arsenāls, Riga, Latvia.
2001 Seaside Romance, Palanga, Lithuania.
2001 Drawings, Riga Gallery, Riga, Latvia.
2001 Chilli Pepper, International workshop, exhibition, Pedvāle, Latvia.
2001  International workshop, Paris, France.
2000 Chocolate Art, Artists’ Union Gallery, Riga, Latvia.
2000 Distance, Hansabank exhibition hall, Tallinn, Estonia.*
2000 Transition. Riga 800, Artists’ Union Gallery, Riga, Latvia.
2000 Drawings. Gallery Čiris, Riga, Latvia.
1999 Ballast, Daugavgrīva Citadel, Riga, Latvia.*
1999 Ritual, Shechin, Poland.
1999 Art and Spirituality, Museum of Foreign Arts, Riga, Latvia.
1999 International workshop, Oslo, Norway.
1999 Days of Arts. Berga bazārs, Riga, Latvia.
1998 Spike Island Symposium, Bristol, Scotland.
1998 Sources, workshop- exhibition, Sculpture Centre, Oronsko, Poland.
1998 Dense River. Gallery Noass, Riga, Latvia.
1998 Artists from Riga, Sodertalje, Sweden.*
1998 Kolumbārijs. Gallery Agija Sūna, Riga, Latvia.
1997 The House in Bolderāja. Bolderāja, Riga, Latvija.
1997 The 5th Annual Exhibition of SCCA Opera. Daile`s Theater, Riga, Latvia.
1997 Riga in Contemporary Art. Gallery LMS , Riga, Latvia.
1996 The 4th Annual Soros Contemporary Art Exhibition Geo-Ģeo. Pedvāle, Latvia.
1996 Personal Time. Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian Art. Gallery Zacheta, Warsaw, Poland.
1996 Reconstructing Identity. Gallery MacKenzie, Saskatchewan, Canada.
1995 Port of Art. Urban Art, Kotka, Finland.
1995 The 3rd  Annual Soros Center for Contemporary Arts Monument. Riga, Latvia.
1995 Farm. Rainis Museum of Literature and Art, Riga, Latvia.
1995 The House Bolderāja. Urban Art, Riga, Latvia.
1995 Still Life. Gallery LMS, Riga, Latvia.
1995 Riga in Contemporary Art. Gallery LMS, Riga, Latvia.
1994 Crossroads. Artists from Riga. NDR Studio, Hamburg, Germany.
1994 Conversation of Firkspedvāle `94. Pedvāle, Sabile, Latvia.
1994 Artownaround. City spaace of Malmo, Sweden.
1993 Mare Balticum. Exhibition as part of Sollentun Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden.
1992 Switches-Contemporary Art from Riga. Gallery Am Hawerkamp, Munster, Germany.
1992 Karyatiden. Frauen Museum, Bonn, Germany.
1992 Sukupolvi. Paaudze. Generation. Museum of Contemporary Art, Pori, Finland.
1991 Young Artists from Riga. Contemporary Art Museum Mucsarnok, Budapest, Hungary.
1991 Five from Riga. Latvian avant-garde. Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden.
1991 Ars-Kontakt. Central Art Hall Manēža, St. Petersburg, Russia.
1990 Latvia – XX Century`s Somersault – 1940-1990. Exhibition Hall Latvija, Riga, Latvia.
1990 Randteckning. Gallery Konstnarcentrum, Malme, Sweden.
1990 Gentle Fluctuations. Exhibition Hall Latvija, Riga, Latvia.
1989 Riga – Lettische Avantgarde. Gallery Im Sophienhof, exhibition Hall Weserburg, Bremen, Germany.
1989 Contemporary Soviet Painters from Riga. Gallery Ed.Nakhamkin, NewYork, USA.
1988 Latvian Young Artists’ Group Exhibition Post-traditionalism. Central Artist Hall, Moscow, Russia.
1988 Riga – Lettische Avantgarde. Kunsthalle, West Berlin, Germany.
1987 Paintings. Exhibition Hall of Jurmala, Latvia.
1986 Costume. Exhibition Hall of Ķīpsala, Riga, Latvia.
1984 The 6th Painting Triennial of the Baltic Republics. Exhibition Hall of Vilnius, Lithuania.
1984 Nature Environment Man. St. Peter`s church, Riga, Latvia.
1982 Young Artists’ from Baltic Republics. Vilnius, Lithuania.
1982 Days of Art. Riga, Latvia.
1982 Autumn. Riga, Latvia.


Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga, Latvia.
Latvian Artists’ Union Museum, Riga, Latvia.
Museum of Literature, Theatre and Music, Riga, Latvia.
Collection of Aizkraukle bank for the holdings of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Riga, Latvia.
Ģ. Eliass Jelgava Museum of History and Art, Jelgava, Latvia.
Kuldīga Museum, Kuldīga, Latvia.
Talsi Museum of Local History, Talsi, Latvia.
Tukums Museum,Tukums, Latvia.
Swedbank, Riga, Latvia.
The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
Zimmerli Art museum, New Brunswick, NJ, USA.
MacKenzie Art Gallery, Saskatchewan, Canada.
Zacheta Gallery, Warsaw, Poland.
Baryshnikov Arts Centre, New York, USA


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