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  Jevgeņija Biktimirova 
  Kalvis Kalniņš Krista Jūlija Kreišmane 
  Kristīna Laizāne Rūdolfs Matīss Trops 
  Zane Putniņa Zane Zlemeša 
  Annija Grosa 

Contact. Graphics

Eight young graphic artists graduating with Bachelor degrees from the Printmaking Department of the Latvian Art Academy are presenting their graduation works in an exhibition. The diversity of the artworks displayed and the versatile use of graphic media clearly demonstrate each artist’s individuality and the growth and development of each artist’s creativity. This growth can be attributed to the exchange of ideas among the artists resulting from their interpersonal relationships. It will be left to the viewers of the exhibition to form their own opinions regarding the novel ideas and the quest for new art forms. This exhibition also aims to focus the viewers’ attention on the importance of the personal emotional involvement the artists have with their work. The emotional appeal of the artworks on the viewers may also be considered a starting point for the development of their appreciation of their artistic merit.

Artists: Jevgeņija Biktimirova, Annija Grosa, Kalvis Kalniņš, Krista Jūlija Kreišmane, Kristīna Laizāne, Zane Putniņa, Rūdolfs Matīss Trops and Zane Zlemeša.

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