Old Masters
 Ģederts Eliass. Brother Juris., oil on linoleum, 54x36 Ģederts Eliass. Milda., oil on linoleum, 54x36 
  Janis Gailis. Adrift., oil on cardboard, 97x107 A. Gelhārs. Sunset in the Forest., oil on canvas, 68x50 
  A. Gelhārs. Cart., oil on canvas, 46x59 Jānis Kalmīte. Winter. 1987., oil on canvas, 41x50 
  Valdis Kalnroze. Riga. 1965., oil on canvas, 54x65 Pēteris Kundziņš. Clouds. 1939., oil on canvas, 23x33 
  Ādolfs Melnārs. Still Life with Herring., oil on canvas, 79x99 Ādolfs Melnārs. Still Life., oil on canvas 
  Kārlis Melnbārzdis. Landscape., oil on canvas, 37x50 Jēkabs Strazdiņš. Landscape., oil on canvas, 50x46 
  Niklāvs Strunke. Roma. 1963., oil on canvas, 48x63 Leo Svemps. Landscape. 1950., oil on cardboard, 48x68 
  Konrāds Ubāns. Landscape. 1954., oil on canvas, 80x100 Hilda Vīka. Landscape of Dobele., oil on wood, 80x50 
  Bruno Celmiņš. Silent Mill. 1982., oil on canvas, 60x70 Kārlis Miesnieks. Landscape. Oil on canvas, 47x63 
  Pēteris Kundziņš. Landscape. Oil on cardboard, 40x49 Ludolfs Liberts. Winter. 1930. Oil on cardboard, 40x60 
  Ludolfs Liberts. Sailing Boats. 1930. Oil on cardboard, 44x58 Leo Svemps. Still Life. Oil on canvas, 85x71 
  Jēkabs Apinis. Landscape. oil on canvas, 55x70 
28.11.2012-12.01.2013Romāns Suta, Hilda Vīka, Francisks Varslavāns, Oto Skulme, Eduards Kalniņš, Valdis Kalnroze, Augusts Annuss, Leo Svemps, Ludolfs Liberts, Ģederts Eliass

Old Masters

After a five-year break, paintings by Old Masters are again on display in the gallery Daugava; thus, a rich stock of artworks has piled up. First of all, paintings: brilliant paintings by Ludolfs Liberts, flower pieces and landscapes by Leo Svemps, then, seaside villages and people by Augusts Annuss, works by Valdis Kalnroze, the master of gray tones, by Eduards Kalniņš, Oto Skulme and many other great masters, even Ģederts Eliass, who is the artist of the year in our exhibition halls this year. Also, water-colours by Francisks Varslavāns and Hilda Vīka, Romāns Suta’s ink drawings, and sanguines by Ģederts Eliass and Oto Skulme. The viewers’ interest about the classical art has never diminished, and the meeting with Old Masters has always been and is exciting, though it does not offer any surprises.

Photo credit: Leo Svemps. Still Life. Oil on canvas, 85x71

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