Summer Exhibition
 Laima Bikše. Poppy for birds. 2005. Mixed technique on canvas. 95x115 cm Laima Bikše. The happy day of a berry picker. 2009. Mixed technique on canvas. 80x95 cm 
  Andris Eglītis. No cikla Zemes darbi. 2011. Jaukta tehnika, 200x137 Dace Lielā. Pond. 2009. Acrylic on canvas. 120x150 
  Andris Eglītis. Earthwork. 2011. Mixed media, 220x150 Frančeska Kirke. Two similar girls. 2007. Oil on canvas, 50x40 
  Frančeska Kirke. Diptych: Two Almost Equal Girls. 2007. Oil on canvas, 50x40 Valdis Krēsliņš. Sad story. 2011. Mixed media on canvas, 135x150 
  Dace Lielā. Summer. 2006. Acrylic on canvas,110x200 Jānis Purcens. Stairs. 2012. Oil on canvas, 116x73 
  Do you think you understand what you are reading. 2012. Acrylic on canvas, 30x30 Sanda Skujiņa. Comet is coming. 2011. Mixed media on canvas, 20x30 
  Sanda Skujiņa. Melancholia. 2011. Mixed media on canvas, 20x30 
6.06.2012-28.07.2012Normunds Brasliņš, Valdis Krēsliņš, Sanda Skujiņa, Frančeska Kirke, Bruno Strautiņš, Aija Zariņa, Līga Purmale, Jānis Purcens, Dainis Pundurs, Dace Liela, Andris Eglītis, Biruta Delle, Laima Bikse, Ilze Avotina, Kaspars Zariņš

Summer Exhibition

Painting. Sculpture

This summer the gallery Daugava presents a joint exhibition of different artists’ work to its regular visitors and Riga guests. The participants of the exhibition are the painters whose work has always caught viewers’ attention: Aija Zariņa, Biruta Delle, Dace Lielā, Frančeska Kirke, Līga Purmale, Ilze Avotiņa, Laima Bikše, Andris Eglītis, Valdis Krēsliņš, Normunds Brasliņš, Kaspars Zariņš, Jānis Purcens and Sanda Skujiņa. Stoneware objects “Honey Mania” by Dainis Pundurs and sculptures by Bruno Strautiņš are also on display.
This exhibition offers a freer, more summer-like approach: a good artist with a good work. As a result many good artists have to “get along”. This time we did not get scared of the variety of artists’ styles or a “medley”. That might even suit the summer! We hope that visitors will appreciate these works when having enjoyed the sun, lilacs, the sea and meadows, and while strolling in the Old Town of Riga they reach the gallery Daugava and see the Summer Exhibition.

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