Painted Nature
 Fragment of painting Shore line. 2018. Canvas/oil, 130x200cm. Shore Line. 2018. canvas/oil, 125x220 
  Seashore. 2018. canvas/oil, 90x200 Forest Edge. 2018. canvas/oil, 90x130 
  Fog. 2018. canvas/oil, 60x60 Fog. 2018. canvas/oil, 90x200 
  Wetland. 2018. canvas/oil, 90x180 Absolutely Silent. 2018. canvas/oil, 130x200 
  Autumn Breath. 2018. canvas/oil, 125x220 Moonlight Behind The Back. 2017. canvas/oil, 140x150 
  Green Meadow. 2016. canvas/oil, 25x25 Arable Land. 2018. canvas/oil, 90x180 
14.11.2018-5.01.2019Vija Zariņa

Painted Nature

Vija Zariņa about her exhibition “ Painted Nature”

In my artworks I focus on what can be imagined and felt; in other words, that what cannot be expressed verbally but can only be painted. With my paintings I aspire to elicit both a visual and an emotional response in viewers.

For me, a painting shouldn’t reveal itself at once. It has to be carefully observed.

My paintings present my world view, my values and my understanding of everything that is significant and precious to me in life and art.

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