Streams. Drawings.
 Kaspars Teodors Brambergs. Drawing_10. 2014. Charcoal on paper, 99x140 Drawing_01. 2014. Charcoal on paper, 88x225 
  Drawing_05. 2014. Charcoal on paper, 88x225 Drawing_07. 2014. Charcoal on paper, 142x77 
  Kaspars Teodors Brambergs. Drawing 11. 2014. Charcoal on paper. 103x140 cm Drawing_13. 2014. Charcoal on paper, 88x225 
  Drawing_12. 2015. Charcoal on paper, 170x200 
15.04.2015-20.05.2015Ausekļa iela 1Kaspars Brambergs

Streams. Drawings.


Kaspars Teodors Brambergs:

With the passage of time, new and interesting ideas emerge and begin to take form. The year 2010 seemed like my re-birth; everything I had tried or had been exposed to seemed to come together at once for me, almost like an explosion of a supernova. In this process the petty and superfluous were easily dismissed permitting me to focus on the new forms. For this exhibition I wanted to work on parallel rhythms or large-scale rhythms. Starting with sketches followed by large drawings on paper, I combined forms and observed them finding common rhythms with one another. Making large pictures with the proper balance was a real compositional challenge. One of the tasks was to have the black columns stand out instead of the white areas. This was accomplished by making the dark zones a different texture. When I got tired of that, I moved on to a new challenge and created a “smooth” work. Each completed work stimulates the creation of the next one. Each subsequent step should be well thought out since any future situation will likely reflect current decisions. Therefore it is important to invest the time and energy into making the best decision possible. Artists will find it advantageous to have a wide range of artistic means in their field of activities to provide some breathing space to move freely when necessary.

(from the interview in “Studija” magazine (page 70, february/march, 100/2015))

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