Southern Gardens
 Maija Tabaka. A Parrot and a Cactus Flower. 2015. Oil on canvas. 120x100 cm Puma in the Garden of Cacti. 2015. Oil on canvas, 120x100.5 
  The Spirit of Rose. 2009. Oil on canvas, 120x70 Folk Festival. 2015. Oil on canvas, 120x90.5 
  Maija Tabaka. The Temple. 2005. Oil on canvas. 141x109 cm Halloween. 2015. Oil on canvas, 90x120.5 
  In the Greenhouse. 2015. Oil on canvas, 90x120 The Blue Flowers of Cacti. 2015. Oil on canvas, 100.5x120 
  Tattoo Parlor (A Young Man). 2015. Oil on canvas, 120x100 Maija Tabaka. The Pink FLower and the Wax Figure. 2015. Oil on canvas, 120x100 
  Goblins. 2015. Oil on canvas, 120x100.5 In the Garden of Cacti. 2014. Oil on canvas, 50.5x75.5 
10.02.2016-12.03.2016Ausekļa iela 1Maija Nora Tabaka

Southern Gardens

Exhibition extended till April 16!

Southern Gardens, an exhibition featuring Maija Nora Tabaka’s latest paintings opens on February 10 at the gallery Daugava ,1 Ausekļa Str., Riga. Here the artist seems to be trying to dispel the myth that Northerners limit their imagination and expression and tend to retreat into a shell by trying to appear neither ostentatious nor obtrusive to the outside world. These paintings make it explicit that this is a myth and show a receptiveness to everything that is beautiful, colourful, joyful and fantastic. Her paintings are decorative, brilliant in their joy of colours and astonishing with their flow of imagination. In an interview the painter once said: “I don’t remove anything in my paintings, nor paint anew; the painting is accomplished or simply doesn’t exist.” The confidence in expressing imagination and one’s emotions and the daringness to paint the colour compositions of this exhibition without hypocrisy and self-deception are magical. The painter was born in Jelgava on November 5, 1939. After the World War II her family moved to Riga. Encouraged by her father she started attending drawing classes given by Auseklis Baušķenieks at the Riga Pioneer Palace. In 1957 Maija entered the Art Academy’s Printmaking Department and continued studying at the Painting Department. She graduated in 1969 with the final painting, The group Portrait of Young Artists under the supervision of Eduards Kalnins. She has been participating in professional arts exhibitions since 1970.

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