Point of View
 Channel bank. 2016. paper/screen printing, 69x50 Increase. 2016. paper/screen printing, 72x102 
  Dusk. 2016. canvas/screen printing, 100x150 In the moonlight. 2017. canvas/screen printing, 100x150 
  The last stop. 2016. paper/screen printing, 72x102 The first snow. 2016. canvas/screen printing, 100x150 
  Jānis Murovskis. In the meadow. 2016. canvas/screen printing, 100x150 In the dark. 2016. canvas/screen printing, 50x50 
  A cunning place. 2016. canvas/screen printing, 45x45 The state of stars. 2016. canvas/screen printing, 150x100 
15.02.2017-18.03.2017Ausekļa iela 1 Jānis Murovskis

Point of View

For many years, perhaps even decades Jānis Murovskis has been overwhelming viewers with his silkscreens that reflect his mastery of the medium of silkscreens. But it is his craftsmanship and artistic talent, honed by the wealth of valuable experience, that appeals to viewers. Each of his exhibitions seemed perfect, but each subsequent one demonstrated how much more can be accomplished with silkscreen.

Colour is to the artist as sound is to musician. In art it is essential as it creates space and light and thereby creates the contents. Colour makes us think. Jānis Murovskis shows us that when colour is skillfully used by a professional it can take us to the worlds of unprecedented experiences, feelings and moods. Colour is a superb medium. On some work surfaces it is applied in seven layers while on others the artist achieves the desired result with three or four screens. Sometimes he improvises and the outcome may be an interesting surprise.

Quite often Jānis Murovskis adds contemplative, even poetic lines to his silkscreens, such as:
“Dew on the windows and mist between plants produce a weird overall sight which is hard to understand at the outset” 1)
“Almost as in Jūrmala. Through the dunes overgrown with occasional trees, dazzling water is seen sparkling” 2)
“It is a secret. Darkness yields discoveries and surprises” 3)
“Yesterday while looking out of the bus window it seemed to be worth coming back here, but in the daylight the vision has gone” 4)

These notes written on the artworks may be recollections of delicate moments that have long passed. We can only try to guess whether the words had come first or after the artwork was completed to recall a significant moment once experienced. Each silkscreen is a scene for memories, talks, touches. It is a space where colour turns into light that evokes attitudes, thoughts and feelings.

The exhibition “ A Point of View” is a result of a huge creative effort; manifested not only by a number of artworks but also by the artist’s professional abilities and his mastery to deal with the medium of colour. By means of colour he expresses on a canvas or paper surface everything that life has offered and surprised him without yielding to everyday rush.

1) Screen printing „The last stop”
2) Screen printing ”Sea shore”
3) Screen printing „In the dark”
4) Screen printing „A cunning place„

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