The Dream Gardener
 A sheep, the shepherd and the Moon. 2016. plywood/mixed tehnique, 38x43.5 Girl-friends. 2016. canvas/mixed tehnique, 36x31 
  I remember the summer. 2016. canvas/mixed tehnique,108x80 Cows, a girl and the night. 2016. canvas/mixed tehnique, 90x110 
  Group portrait under the sky. 2014. canvas/mixed tehnique, 46x60 In the tree under the sky.. 2016. audekls/jaukta tehnika, 125x80 
  The bride is napping. 2016. plywood/mixed tehnique, 40x43.5 The girl by a green wall. 2016. canvas/mixed tehnique, 31x27 
  Girls' secrets. 2016. canvas/mixed tehnique, 75x100 Love and flowers. 2016. canvas/mixed tehnique, 120x95 
  I peeled an orange for you, I've been waiting for you to come home for 2 days now.. 2016. canvas/mixed tehnique, 27x31 I peeled an orange for you, I've been waiting for you to come home for 2 days now.. 2016. canvas/mixed tehnique, 27x31 
  Birds' forest. 2016. canvas/mixed tehnique, 100x150 Laima Bikše. The Dream Gardener. 2016. Mixed technique/canvas, 90x115 
  Red. 2014. canvas/mixed tehnique, 85x105 A sunny garden of tulips. 2016. canvas/mixed tehnique, 100x100 
  The game. 2016. canvas/mixed tehnique, 31x27 The autumn season of a vegeterian. 2016. canvas/mixed tehnique, 45x90 
  The autumn season of a vegeterian. 2016. canvas/mixed tehnique, 45x83 Figs on a red table. 2016. canvas/mixed tehnique, 30x37 
  Apples as stars. 2016. canvas/mixed tehnique, 65x125 
11.01.2017-11.02.2017Ausekļa iela 1 Laima Bikse

The Dream Gardener

Our fantasies may be based on dreams, memories, a bit of mysticism or on fragments of truth as found in fairy-tales. And it doesn’t matter whether they have already happened, are current, or may still occur in the future.

The paintings of LAIMA BIKŠE (1970) indicate what could happen if we turn what we imagine into a credible reality. And those who follow her art tend to believe that. No wonder, because it is familiar, like a place we have visited before but are surprised when seeing it again and wish to return. And what if they do come true? We can recall our childhood, the time when we were small, the world around us seemed huge and our time was focused on playing hide and seek – the game we never got bored with as well as other popular games.

Does the world seem smaller today? Are there fewer temptations and secrets today or is it the other way round? But, there still are people who have not lost the interest and joy that each new day brings that others simply dismiss as a daily routine. Laima Bikše is one of the former.

Although Laima Bikše was Professor Imants Vecozols’ favourite student, there is not much commonality in their art. But both of them celebrate the beauty of an ordinary day and display an awareness and reverence for the everyday things, objects, plants, birds and animals around us.

Laima Bikše’s painting is quiet, having no intention to shock or provoke anyone. It just invites to assess after the superfluous has been eliminated. This is something her followers understand.

Subject matter without form isn’t painting and painting is associated with a colour-scheme. We can enjoy it to the fullest in Laima’s paintings; orange tones – full of vitality and life and next to them juicy red and mysterious bluish green in the foliage and summer nights’ meadows. The brilliant yellow in the sun makes us feel as if light is flowing from her canvases. Her depictions of night with or without the stars are always full of mysteries, and one can hear how darkness sounds in the silence.

Line, sensitive, delicate and sometimes pulsating has its place in her painting area as well. Laima Bikše pays particular attention to the painting surface. It can contain richly glazed areas whether small or large, or can look bare like as if the canvas were untouched by paint. Thus the canvas with its texture and natural tone is involved in the interplay of colours on it, without hiding its role in the interplay.

The surface reveals traces of erasing and rubbing, skills she acquired in childhood rather than at the Academy. Laima completed her studies in 1997, and since then she has been learning in the stern school of life. Clearly, painting has become a permanent place in Laima’s life, with her having s strong sense of belonging to the fascinating world of art is great. It is no exaggeration to say that Laima cannot live without painting.

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