Romanticist`s Garden.
 Crystal Chandelier, a Girl and a Bird. 2014. Oil on canvas, 95x115 Love and Flowers. 2013. Oil on canvas, 125x95 
  Detail. 2013. Mixed media on cardboard, 30x38,5 Tree. Spring. 2014. Mixed media on canvas, 90x110 
  Best Friends. 2014. Mixed media on canvas, 95x125 Afternoon with a Red Background. 2014. Mixed media on canvas, 115x160 
  Still Life with an Important Portrait in the Shadow. 2014. Mixed media on canvas, 95x125 Bird and Chocolate. 2013. Mixed media on canvas, 90x110 
  Romanticist`s Garden. 2013. Mixed media on canvas, 105x150 Green Apples. 2010. Mixed media on canvas, 75x90 
  A Piece of Watermelon. 2013. Mixed media on wood, 30x48 Boots of Aina. 2013. Oil on canvas, 95x115 
19.02.2014-15.03.2014Laima Bikse

Romanticist`s Garden.

Laima Bikše’s solo exhibition in the gallery Daugava presents new artworks leisurely painted during the last few years. A master of form, Laima combines glazes, rubbings, unpainted spots on the canvas and charcoal drawing covered with varnish in her painting which result in the creation of a peculiar depth and space, a depiction of the third dimension. Although she never intentionally aims to demonstrate her high level of craftsmanship, the results speak for themselves. The space created in her paintings, inhabited by images of her fantasy as well as birds and trees in blossom, exudes a sense of serene sentimentality and evokes serious contemplation and sometimes sincere laughter. A viewer may believe everything he sees as Laima’s art is unpretentious and without pompous claims. There is a particular lightness to that. By enjoying it you come to realize how easy it is to be honest not only with others but also with yourself. The world created by Laima Bikše’s painting highlights the sensual aspects of art, devoid of rational ideas and much like that of a child where the things longed for and dreamt about are the central theme. Some straightforwardness through naivety. But Laima’s paintings are anything but that. They clearly display her professionalism and her exceptional sensitivity.

Photo credit: Love and Flowers. 2013. Oil on canvas, 125x95

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