Florence in the wintertime. 2006. canvas/oil, 90x120 Kaleidoscope. 2001. canvas/oil, 101x135 
  Maija Tabaka. In the fog. 2009. Oil on canvas. 138x189 cm Mythology. 2008. canvas/oil, 139x191 
  Ritual. 2002. canvas/oil, 101x137 In the studio. 2001. canvas/oil, 151x146 
  Bridges. 2006. canvas/oil, 95x140 The fragile base. 2012. canvas/oil, 200x114 
  Idolatry. 2003. canvas/oil, 100x136 
1.06.2017-15.07.2017Ausekļa iela 1 Dace Liela


Gallery Daugava, Ausekļa Str. 1, will host RETROSPECTION, an exhibition of Maija Nora Tabaka’s paintings from June 1 to July 15.

Visitors are invited to come and see paintings by the well-known artist Maija Tabaka whose art works have been attracting our attention for over 40 years. In 1992, her solo exhibition in the National Art museum was viewed by 70 000 people. On the final day of her solo exhibition in 2005 the number of visitors reached 2000. At that time the museum director remarked to a journalist: “The museum is too small for so many visitors”.

Fans of Maija Tabaka’s art have compared the artist to a bird of paradise, a comet or a Soviet countess, but, first and foremost, she is an outstanding painter who has perfected her craftsmanship to the highest degree.

Maija Tabaka’s imagination is amazing. In her canvases she ignores the customary boundaries of time and space that most tend to agree are arbitrary anyhow. She is able to combine past, present and future or north and south on a single plane on canvas. She may plant palm trees on the hillocks of Pedvāle or make exotic cactuses bloom there. She lets ballerinas dance on the mirror-smooth surface of a lake or rise to the clouds and fly, followed by gypsies singing and enjoying a moment of life and a wistful farewell sunset. Sadness combined with beauty allows us to feel the magic of life and a special moment more clearly. This exhibition offers some tidbits of all that. It is like a touch on Maija Tabaka’s retrospection.

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