Capricorn in the Garden of Roses. 2012. Oil on canvas, 110x110 Vinegar Tree. 2013. Oil on canvas, 100x80 
  Florence in Winter. 2006. Oil on canvas, 118x89 Hara Park I. 2013. Oil on canvas, 60x80 
  Hara Park II. 2013. Oil on canvas, 120x100 Hara Park III. 2013. Oil on canvas, 100x120 
  The Sea. 2012. Oil on canvas, 80x100 Maija Tabaka. Two Cats. 2012. Oil on canvas. 80x100 cm 
  The Sky and the Sea. 1991. Oil on canvas, 176x135,5 Care. 2013. Oil on canvas, 120x100 
  Maija Tabaka. Flowers and Buterfly. 2013. Oil on canvas. 50x75 cm Maija Tabaka. Flowers. 2013. Oil on canvas. 50x75 cm 
  Maija Tabaka. Surprise. 2012. Oil on canvas. 80x100 cm Bridges. 2006. Oil on canvas, 95x140 
  The Emperor's Army. 2007. Oil on canvas, 140x100 
7.12.2013-14.01.2014Maija Nora Tabaka


Surprise, an exhibition of Maija Tabaka’s paintings opens at the gallery Daugava on December 7. Although regarded as one of the most brilliant contemporary painters, her reputation of brilliance dates to the 1970s when her solo exhibitions attracted long lines of people along Valdemara street (formerly Gorky street) eager to enter the museum. Despite negative official reviews, her popularity continued to grow as did the interest in her painting. Nothing has changed to this day. Her ability to depict and execute almost anything seems unlimited: light, shade, the sun, water, forests, luxurious fabrics, noble metals, dew drops on a blossoming flower as well as handsome interesting people. With an exceptional imagination and an ability to fantasize she can easily combine different times and epochs, often appearing to have the qualities of a magician. This is evidenced by her self-portrait on a rope surrounded by numerous fauns and gypsies with their pagan joys and fantastic dreams. Given the artist’s background and multiple talents, surely viewers will find a surprise in the exhibition.

Photo credit: Surprise. 2012. Oil on canvas, 80x100

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