Girl with a Hat
 Anna. 2016. canvas/oil, 70x30 Katrīna. 2016. canvas/oil, 80x60 
  Liene. Rain. 2017. canvas/oil, 30x70 Ieva. 2016. canvas/oil, 70x30 
  Liene. 2016. canvas/oil, 70x30 Sintija. 2016. canvas/oil, 80x80 
  Portrait with a nest. 2016. canvas/oil, 60x50 Sunset. 2014. canvas/oil, 30x80 
  Wave II. 2016. canvas/oil, 70x60 Wave I. 2015. canvas/oil, 70x60 
  The smell of land. 2017. canvas/oil, 80x80 Zane. 2016. canvas/oil, 70x30 
  Rudīte Dreimane. Girl with a Hat. 2016. canvas/oil, 30x80 
27.04.2017-27.05.2017Ausekļa iela 1 Rudīte Dreimane

Girl with a Hat

From April 27 to May 27, 2017 the gallery Daugava (Ausekļa str.1) will hold an exhibition with an intriguing title “A Girl with a Hat” featuring Rudīte Dreimane’s paintings.

She is not one of the most active, prolific or popular painters, but she surely is the one who uses bright colours as her major means of expression. Actually, her entire painting is based on colour; the rest is subordinate. Colour creates space, light, images and emotions. Colour is an inexhaustible treasure chest, particularly in the hands of an artist capable of feeling and understanding colour. The world of colour is much like that of sound, offering infinite possibilities.

It was hats that inspired this exhibition. A hat as an accessory of a woman’s wardrobe appears in nearly every one of her paintings as well as the woman herself where she may be depicted as a girl, a teenager or a lady. In her paintings a hat undergoes various transformations ranging from a romantic version to a flower garland crowning a celebrator at a midsummer’s night celebration when under the soaked crown a pair of seducing eyes are sparkling and the rain is non-stop. And then there are flamboyant paintings: a lady with a hat like a bird’s nest adorned with colourful parrots or one of the artist herself with her lips painted in violent color so artistically applied.

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