Mediterranean Colour
 Ilze Avotiņa. For Life. 2019. acrylic paint and gold on canvas, 70x100cm Ilze Avotiņa. Ginori from Florence. 2018. 120×73cm, acrylic on canvas 
  Ilze Avotiņa. Warrior. 2019. 100×140cm, acrylic on canvas Ilze Avotiņa. Soon it Will be Spring. 2018. 65×55cm, acrylic on canvas 
  Ilze Avotiņa. Flight. 2017. 130×130cm, acrylic on canvas Ilze Avotiņa. Rebirth. 2019. 180×90cm, acrylic on canvas 
  Ilze Avotiņa. Venetian Reflection. 2018. 120×73cm, acrylic on canvas Ilze Avotiņa. The Bright Bush of Childhood. 2018. 102×72,5cm, acrylic on canvas 
11.12.2019-18.01.2020Ausekļa iela 1Ilze Avotina

Mediterranean Colour

The colour of the Mediterranean conjures up a state of mind of lightness. It is like a breath of fresh air that has been with me since my youth. When starting my career as a painter, I did a lot of plein-air painting, unaware of this colour’s presence in the natural environment of Latvia. Now, having painted so often near the Mediterranean, I realize that I had already felt this colour in my youth. Now I can compare it to spring in Latvia, when the sky is light and full of anticipation. I can compare it to an early summer morning, when the bright sun colours the whole world and warms human souls.

Alongside my latest paintings, some of my earlier works will also be on view. One of them, “Sand Castles” (1981), is indicative of the presence of the Mediterranean colour throughout my creative work. Whilst contemplating my exhibition, I would like to quote the renowned French painter Henri Matisse: “A painting should make the viewer feel peaceful and relaxed. If you wish to have a vessel of war and suffering, open a newspaper.”

The exhibition “Mediterranean Colour” consists of artworks painted during the last three years. It is dedicated to my husband Jānis Avotiņš’ birthday, this being a special year for him as he is entering a new decade. Since the day we met in 1970, he has always encouraged me in my artistic endeavours. I am grateful to him for his love and trust in me and my painting.

Ilze Avotiņa   

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