Latgale. Lithuania.
 The white church. Krāslava. 2016. canvas/acrilic, 50x50 The palace of count Tizenhauz. Roķišķi. 2015. canvas/acrilic, 40x50 
  The casle of Krāslava. 2014. canvas/acrilic, 30x40 The autumn of Krāslava. 2014. canvas/acrilic, 50x70 
  Latgale. 2015. canvas/acrilic, 65x80 Lithuania. 2014. canvas/acrilic, 40x60 
  After the rain. Lietuva. 2006. canvas/oil, 54.5x60 In front of J.Vienožinsks' house. 2014. cardboard/oil, 40x60 
  Osvalds Zvejsalnieks. Rēzekne. 2016. canvas/acrilic, 30x40 The sun over Obeliai. 2014. cardboard/acrilic, 40x60 
  Vižona. 2014. canvas/acrilic, 50x60 Aglona. 2015. canvas/acrilic, 70x50 
22.03.2017-22.04.2017Ausekļa iela 1 Osvalds Zvejsalnieks

Latgale. Lithuania.

Painting cycle “Summer in Latgale. Summer in Lithuania” will be exhibited in gallery Daugava, Ausekļa street 1 from March 22 to April 22.

Painter Osvalds Zvejsalnieks is born in March 21 1994 in Varakļāni, Latvia. He has graduated Art Academy of Latvia and participates in fine art exhibitions since 1971. Osvalds Zvejsalnieks has organized several personal exhibitions, frequently participates in international plain-airs and group exhibitions both in Latvia and foreign countries. He is a proffesor of Art Academy of Latvia and the director of Rēzekne Design and art secoundary school.

There are summer plain-air paintings exghibited in this exposition called “Summer in Latgale. Summer in Lithuania”. International plain-airs in Latgale and Lithuania are organized quite often. Many foreign, for example, Russian, Italian etc. Artists take part in these events. Painting in plain air was almost forgotten in the post war period of the 20’th century, but now it regains it’s former authority and popularity.

Plain air paintings are surprising and binging. The foreground is highlighted, the perspective is quite relative, only barely noticeable, because in the painter’s eyes not the future, but the current time when the artwork is made is the most important. Emotions are still alive. Exactly this joy of painting, this balance between imagination and reality is the magic of Osvalds Zvejsalnieks’ paintings.

Art historian Andrejs Kaufmanis

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