Lacquer, paint, paper
 Laka, krāsa, papīrītis. Nr. 18. 2009. Jaukta tehnika. 46x40 Laka, krāsa, papīrītis. Nr. 5. 2009. Jaukta tehnika. 52x31 
  Laka, krāsa, papīrītis. Nr. 6. 2009. Jaukta tehnika. 47x38,5 Laka, krāsa, papīrītis. Nr. 8. 2009. Jaukta tehnika. 13x41 
  Laka, krāsa, papīrītis. Nr. 13. 2009. Jaukta tehnika. 45x42 Laka, krāsa, papīrītis. Nr. 19. 2009. Jaukta tehnika. 46x40 
  I Rembrant takoj molodoj. 2009. Jaukta tehnika. 54x49 Tuša. Nr. 3. 44x41, jaukta tehnika, 2010. 
  Tuša. Nr. 4. 42x39, jaukta tehnika, 2010. Tuša. Nr. 6. 120x70,5, jaukta tehnika, 2010. 
  Laka, krāsa, papīrītis. Nr. 1. 20x16, jaukta tehnika, 2009. Laka, krāsa, papīrītis. Nr. 9. 13x41, jaukta tehnika, 2009. 
27.10.2010-20.11.2010Jānis Purcens

Lacquer, paint, paper

Solo exhibition

Colour creates space, but text is a graphic means of expressing an image. Like a heartbeat having its own changeable rhythm, text can be excitable at times with its tempo rapidly increasing and decreasing and then becoming calm and composed. Text can be inspiring. It affects us from afar, drawing the reader into it. Text also carries information but the information remains in the background. Usually, only a few words are essential but they can differ for everyone. For the artist Janis Purcens, text on canvas is a meditation, a means to reveal himself through the text. He is seeking answers to eternal questions including the lightness and hardness of existence, great love of life and joy, the warmth of heart and desire to see the presence of light in the darkness. His painting is sensitive. This assertion may sound trivial but these feelings and their ephemeral essence can be expressed only by colour or perhaps also by sound. A similarity to music can’t be denied. Besides, he is an artist who enjoys the process of creating his works. He lives through his creations on canvas and also in his ready-made objects: lacquer, paint, a piece of paper.

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