Happy Land
  Aija Zariņa. D-Ārija. 2013., oil and acrylic on canvas, 243x147 Aija Zariņa. Self-portrait with Sun Brooch. 2009./2013., oil on canvas, 128x205 
  Aija Zariņa. Mag-Dalēna. 2013., oil on canvas, 208x159 Aija Zariņa. Golden Age. 2013., oil on canvas, 195x195 
  Aija Zariņa. Lord of the Storm. 2013., oil on canvas, 198x188 Aija Zariņa. Who Am I. 2013., oil on canvas, 152x166 
  Aija Zariņa. Sprīdītis. 2013., oil on canvas, 157x205 Aija Zariņa. Sixrays. 2013., oil on canvas, 69x100 
  Golden Path. 2012. Oil on canvas, 151x197 
13.02.2013-9.03.2013Aija Zariņa

Happy Land

The Evolution of Man in Nature

How to achieve a blissful state? One should start with foundations, by reflecting on nature and history, and by developing one’s inner resources, striving to live in harmony and perfect oneself. The Earth is a part of Universe, and Man is a child of stars. Man, being a component of the earth, galaxy and Cosmos, can be happy and perfect himself only in accordance with this space, nature and their regularities. Primarily, by knowing the rules of nature, himself and history. The nature of man cannot be improved by technology alone.

/Aija Zariņa/

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