What’s in the Garden?
 Garden 1. 2015. canvas/oil, 130x150 Garden 2. 2015. canvas/oil, 120x180 
  Garden 3. 2016. canvas/oil, 130x150 Līga Purmale. Garden 4. 2017. , 120x160 
  Garden 5. 2016. canvas/oil, 120x160 Pound 1. 2016. canvas/oil, 120x160 
  Pound 2. 2017. canvas/oil, 120x180 Pound 3. 2017. canvas/oil, 130x180 
31.01.2018-31.03.2018Līga Purmale

What’s in the Garden?

Whether it is morning light, afternoon light, evening light or light at night, Līga Purmale has been painting light for many years. The source of light may be a window, an open door or the sky. Light is white, but it comprises all colors of the spectrum. Light interacts with air or moisture revealing a miracle of nature. The speed of light is the fast, actually it can’t be exceeded; but if man somehow could, he would certainly discover a new world filled with wonders.

Wonders are all around us, we just need to notice them. More often than not, we just can’t help noticing them, and we can only marvel at them. And no need to travel the world, wonders are here in our gardens. Beauty is admired because it too is a wonder. Light, be it in the morning, afternoon, evening or night, reveals these wonders: the play of shadows created by light on a pond’s surface, the mirror-smooth skin of a red currant or the lace like veins of a flower leaf.

Once a great painter told me about the depth, space and the third dimension that artists create on canvas, and he added that if an artist succeeds in painting light, we can talk about the fourth dimension in the painting. It is this fourth dimension that I have always regarded to be the most essential in Līga Purmale’ s painting.

The exhibition of Līga Purmale’s work “What’s in the Garden?” features artworks created since September 2015 when the gallery Daugava hosted the artist’s previous solo exhibition “Kurzeme”.

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