A Portrait of the Tree. Confusion. 2014. Oil on canvas, 110x100 Biruta Delle. A Rowan. 2014. Oil on canvas, 90x80 
  Behind the Door. 2014. Oil on canvas, 100x80 A Portrait of the Tree. Excitement. 2014. Oil on canvas, 146x97 
  A Portrait of the Tree. Sleep. 2014. Oil on canvas, 146x89 A Portrait of the Tree. Peace. 2014. Oil on canvas, 120x100 
  Reflections of Personality. 2014. Oil on canvas, 110x115 Flowers and Lemons. 2014. Oil on canvas, 80x60 
  Roses and Garlic. 2014. Oil on canvas, 80x60 Alarm. 2014. Oil on canvas, 110x130 
14.01.2015-21.02.2015Alksnāja iela 10/12Biruta Delle


Biruta Delle’s exhibition „Caprice” opening in the Daugava gallery, 10/12 Alksnāja St. on January 14, will appeal to all who love and appreciate painting. Viewing her paintings raises the question, is it whimsical to paint the same tree over and over again at different times of day and in different seasons? Sometimes bare branches are shown silhouetted against the autumnal sky with birds flying away over the tops of the trees. This is followed by blossoming flowers with life awakening again and the sky is refreshingly bright and remote. Then the foliage in all possible shades of green and blue blends together with the evening light in a final chord with its secret and eternal enticement. A single tree in various moods, lights and shades can become an inexhaustible source of painterly motifs for the artist. Each canvas offers a challenge to which she responds with the pleasure that only painting can provide. According to Delle, today’s artists are concerned with various problems but her own understanding and approach to art is whimsical because in the depth of her heart she believes that there are people who can appreciate it. It is well-known that only a viewer trained to understand art is able to appreciate it. What about the rest of us? Will we agree that this exhibition is only Biruta Delle’s whim or is it good painting?

Biruta Delle has always been painting for herself and the viewers who understand her. This exhibition is no exception.

Photo credit: Biruta Delle. A Rowan. 2014. Oil on canvas, 90x80

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