Juta Rindina. Mini Plastic Art
 Like a Thursday. 2012. Porcelain/stoneware Dancing Janus. 2012. Clay 
  Dancers in the Turkish Trouzers. 2012. Stoneware Dancers in the Turkish Trouzers. 2012. Stoneware 
  Figure with a Crown. 2012. Stoneware Judith. 2012. Clay 
  Copying Cranach. 2011. Porcelain/stoneware Copying Cranach. 2011. Porcelain/stoneware 
  The Girl in Beautifull Dress. 2012. Clay Copying Cranach. 2012. Clay/stoneware 
  The Dream about Sanbao. 2012. Stoneware/porcelain The Dream about Sanbao. 2012. Stoneware/porcelain 
  Sunny Day. 2010. Stoneware  
   Brooch. 2012. Porcelain 
  Fragile Space. 2011. Porcelain Brooch. 2012. Porcelain 
29.08.2012-22.09.2012Juta Rindina

Juta Rindina. Mini Plastic Art

Mini Plastic Art

The exhibition is like a mosaic made up of small pieces – figures. The brown clay tone and white porcelain create contrast and common atmosphere of the exhibition. Tiny dots – porcelain trinkets on the wall make a “unified picture”. The title “Mini Plastic Art” for the figures is given not so much because of their size, but of their nature. It’s a kind of “chamber art”. Among the displayed works there is figure as an object for space, created with the actual form-making feeling of the artist. “Brittle Space” and “The Renewed Thursday’s Feeling” are short stories, an attempt to illustrate feelings by means of a multi-figure composition. “From the Dream of Sanbao”: Sanbao is a fantastic place not far from a porcelain town, the artists’ paradise, an expensive paradise, that is why it’s a dream. The memories of once seen figures of China clay and stone help to illustrate the dream. “ Figure with a Crown “ was inspired by green glaze. “Dancing Janus” and “Judith” which were inspired by the “big” stories are decorative elements for space.

Photo credit: Fragile Space. 2011. Porcelain

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