Daily life
 Apple Basket. 2015. Oil on canvas,95x75 Anna's Garden with a House. 2015. Oil on canvas,120x100 
  Rest. 2015. Oil on canvas,81x65 Pond by the Road. 2015. Oil on canvas,120x100 
  Inguna's Garden. 2015. Oil on canvas,110x100 Crop Stems. 2015. Oil on canvas, 80x100 
  Flowers and a Cucumber. 2015. Oil on canvas,85x65 Palm Festival. 2015. Oil on canvas, 80x90 
  Biruta Delle. Morning by the Pond. 2015. Oil on canvas. 100x90 cm Sunflowers. 2015. Oil on canvas, 100x90 
  Biruta Delle. Evening (Anna's gardens). 2015. Oil on canvas, 110x90 Biruta Delle. The Old Appletree (Anna's garden). 2015. Oil on canvas. 100x100 cm 
  Blossoming Cherries (Anna's garden). 2015. Oil on canvas, 90x90 
13.01.2016-13.02.2016Alksnāja iela 10/12Biruta Delle

Daily life

„Only the right color in its right place” is how Biruta Delle (1944) always refers to her painting. This must be her motto which she seems to have adopted from Mr. Stunda, her most significant teacher after Nature. And she doesn’t even mention the importance of discerning, seeing, perceiving and experiencing prior to applying the color tones and light and shade on the canvas.

Unquestionably talented, Biruta Delle was once a cult painter idolized by a number of admirers but this number has been increasing as has the interest in her painting. The gallery Daugava, Alksnāja Str. 10/12 will hold the artist’s current solo exhibition “Daily life” from January 13, 2016.

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