Volatile. Paintings.
   Madara Neikena. Untitled. 2019. Oil on canvas. 150x200cm 
22.01.2020-22.02.2020Madara Neikena

Volatile. Paintings.

Fragile moments of light,

peacefully flickering and disappearing

on the horizon in the infinite distance,

until in the universe comes a moment

to be again at a certain hour and time – when the day goes and comes again.

The process of painting is fundamental to me. Contemplation, cognition and creation – the process of visually representing feelings.It is fundamental to adapt. I consciously paint in an intuitive way. Over the course of time I have realized that all that I wish to say through painting is right here, in front of me. That, which I paint, depends on the time and space, which I inhabit. My presence is fundamental. Painting is like aspiring to something more real, something that cannot be said through words alone…(In the context of the works on view in this exhibition, and perhaps in painting altogether) – highlighting the significance of light … in light and in darkness more or less there is a necessity for light.

Madara Neikena

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