The Line of Shape
 Rolands Gross. In the Window (6). 2010. Pastel on canvas, 55x100 Rolands Gross. Fisherman's Dream. 2012. Digital print/pastel, 90x60 
  Rolands Gross. Melancholia. 2014. Pastel on canvas, 55x70 Rolands Gross. The Swamp. 2013. Pastel on canvas, newspaper, 79x100 
  Rolands Gross. A Study. 2015. Pastel on canvas Rolands Gross. A Tranformation. 2012. Pastel, pencil on canvas, paper, 54x118 
  Rolands Gross. A Vision. 2013. Pastel on canvas, 85x127 Rolands Gross. The Portrait of Jānis Zariņš. 2012. Pastel on canvas, 65x55 
5.08.2015-29.08.2015Ausekļa iela 1Rolands Gross

The Line of Shape

Over a hundred years ago Jules Renard wrote: “Everything will be wrapped in unconstrained beauty and ingenuousness. Images are not to be appealed to but awaited for”. These lines seem to apply to ROLANDS GROSS (1955), the artist whose solo exhibition, a milestone before his 60th birthday, will be held in the gallery Daugava in August.

Form is an integral part of any composition in most artworks. In Roland Gross’s works form merges with a perfectly controlled line, which is expressed in the pastel medium he has favoured in recent years. This medium has enabled him to discover new ways of expression. The works of this exhibition demonstrate his mastery of the pastel medium with its traditional fragility, subtle nuances of colours and rich contrasts and expression where the graphic line of pastel itself stands out.

Rolands Gross is an outstanding master of academic drawing and his long-term teaching experience places him among the experts of academic drawing in Latvia. While working in pastel the artist employs his drawing expertise to find novel forms to imbue subtly nuanced or more expressive moods to the graphic forms of pastel lines for his artworks of various subjects. Perfect execution characterizes all his artworks and can even be considered as challenging the limits of the pastel medium.

Photo credit: Rolands Gross. A Study. 2015. Pastel on canvas

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