Closer. And I always seem to be getting closer.
 Apple tree blooms. 2018. Canvas/mixed technique, 100x135 Escape plan. 2018. Canvas/mixed technique, 40x45 
  Dancers. 2018. Canvas/mixed technique, 90x175 Happy life plan. 2019. Canvas/mixed technique. 90x120 
  Girl in dancer costume. 2018. Canvas/mixed technique, 38x31 Laima Bikse. The Moon and Us in the highest spurce tree. 2018. Mixed technique on canvas. 165x100 cm 
  Island. 2018. Canvas/mixed technique, 90x120 Only ficus tree and the silent. 2019. Canvas/mixed technique, 135x90 
  What are you looking at? 2017. Canvas/mixed technique, 36x31 One more night. 2018. Canvas/mixed technique, 100x135 
  All my love. 2017. Canvas/mixed technique, 80x120 All my lawyers and ficus tree in the corner. 2019. Canvas/mixed technique, 80x160 
  Good autumn. 2018. Canvas/mixed technique, 85x100cm. 
13.02.2019-9.03.2019Ausekļa iela 1Laima Bikse

Closer. And I always seem to be getting closer.

10 paintings about relationships. With myself, with others and with memories. A lot of personal reality, contemplations and questions.

Is there anything like my ideal world? Is it possible to get hold of the seconds at the moment when we are absolutely happy? Or do they unrelentingly turn into the past at once to join a pile of happy memories?

Photo credit: Laima Bikše. Good autumn. 2018. Mixed-media on canvas. 85x100 cm

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