On the Way
 Biruta Delle. Spring. 2009. Oil on canvas. 130x110 cm xxx. 2010. Oil on canvas, 90x90 
  Chestnut Wall. 2009. Oil on canvas, 130x89 xxx. 2010. Oil on canvas, 130x110 
  Biruta Delle. Maria in the Desert. 2010. Oil on canvas, 80x100 Mazirbe. 2009. Oil on canvas, 130x97 
  Autumn. 209. Oil on canvas, 130x110 xxx. 2010. Oil on canvas, 95x95 
  Egypt I. 2010. Oil on canvas, 95x100 Mountains. Oil on canvas, 110x85 
12.05.2010-5.06.2010Biruta Delle

On the Way

The solo-exhibition “On the Way” with its display of relevant art, demonstrates again the high professionalism found in Biruta Delle’s art. Her art is genuine as it is focused on the viewer and certainly does not leave anyone indifferent. Any complaints that it is hard to be with Delle’s paintings because of the resulting discomfort they provoke, may be dismissed by the premise that viewer’s thinking is superficial or he is reluctant to confront universal questions. A tiny human figure against the mighty mountains, deserts or seas and even the entire universe evokes one to consider Man’s relations with God and himself as well as the eternal question, where do we come from and where we are going.
Life has been harsh on Biruta Delle. But she did not expect an easy life. For her the contradictions and the dramatic and tragic moments of her life are significant since they are the inspiration that guide her search for answers or at least get closer to the essence. Delle works continually creating small drawings, sketches and notes of her thoughts. Often the artist is afraid of mornings that can come without offering any new ideas for paintings. At present she has more than enough ideas but finds it difficult to put all of them on canvas. As a consequence she is accumulating sketches. Delle is a master of tonal painting. Canvas to her is like a fine musical instrument that needs to be properly tuned and there is no room for anything accidental. Her works come about very slowly but her method seems to be quite simple, just lay the needed paint on the right place. Delle is fascinated with ancient cultures, great truths and eternal values, not with fleeting or passing moments and is concerned with eternal laws, those of God, morality and ethics that determine the order of things. She feels if we ignore those we can lose everything. They are not just images or visions, but assumptions we make being on the way.

Photo credit: Biruta Delle. Maria in the Desert. 2010. Oil on canvas, 80x100

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