Breakfast in the Open Air
 Rudīte Dreimane Rudīte Dreimane 
  Rose. Cup. 2013. Oil on canvas, 35x27 Rose in the Rain at Night. 2013. Oil on canvas, 80x80 
  Night Prayer. 2013. Oil on canvas, 70x70 Spruce. 2013. Oil on canvas, 70x60 
  The Blue Dog. 2013. Oil on canvas, 80x80 Night with Cats. 2013. Oil on canvas, 100x80 
  Night. Light of Snow. 2013. Oil on canvas, 70x60 Selfportrait with a Airplane. 2013. Oil on canvas, 35x45 
  Breakfast in the Open Air. 2013. Oil on canvas, 100x80 
18.09.2013-12.10.2013Rudīte Dreimane

Breakfast in the Open Air

Everyone might be asked what their favourite flowers are, and after a little thinking, they would reply that they are tulips, daffodils, snowdrops, cornflowers, peonies, etc. There are so many flowers, and nearly all of us love lilies of the valley or sweet peas for their sweet flavour, but a rose is a special flower, not just a flower, but a ROSE… Rudīte Dreimane has been painting roses for a long time. About twenty years ago the artist started painting them, having lived the whole life through them, finally depicting dried roses which somehow aroused associations with the ladies from a rococo saloon. Roses are the major motif in the artist’s creation, yet, she hasn’t said everything about them. The motif is inexhaustible, including colour tones, their tonal relationships, form and light that this ethereal flower radiates. Sometimes it is more like a dream, not reality. Rudīte Dreimane’s painting has always been devoid of verbosity and abundance of details. The exhibition “Breakfast in the Open Air” presents her latest paintings. Viewers may see something new in her work, not seen before, and they will be able to compare her paintings of the previous exhibition with the present ones, but the viewers who will see her art for the first time might be pleasantly surprised.

Photo credit: Breakfast in the Open Air. 2013. Oil on canvas, 100x80

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