Anniversary Exhibition
 Anturia. 2019. Oil on canvas, D 50 cm Lilies. 2019. Oil on canvas, D 50 cm 
  Water lilies. 2019. Oil on canvas, D 40cm Still life with apples. 2019. Oil on canvas, D 50cm 
  Peonies. 2019. Oil on canvas, D 40cm Rose. 2019. Oil on canvas, 54x65cm 
  Interior portrait. 1995. Oil on canvas, 74,5x140,5cm Dahlia. 2008. Oil on canvas, 138,5x138,5cm 
  Crown imperial. 2019. Oil on canvas, 50x70cm Owner. 2019. Oil on canvas, 100x120cm 
  Eve. 2018. Oil on canvas, 100x120cm Orchids. 2019. Oil on canvas, 54x65cm 
  Bellflower. 2019. Oil on canvas, 54x65cm Summer. 2019. Oil on canvas, 50x70cm 
30.10.2019-7.12.2019Maija Nora Tabaka

Anniversary Exhibition

In November the painter Maija Nora Tabaka (1939) will celebrate a very significant birthday .Very few people can claim that painting is their whole life but she can and no one even slightly familiar with her art will doubt it. Maija Tabaka’s painting is exuberant, at times even dazzling because the artist’s imagination is unlimited. It is fascinating to follow, though sometimes impossible. We only need to trust and believe her. In her canvases day and night merge and centuries, locations and latitudes change. Her paintings radiate a wide range of emotions: sadness, heartache, joy and love. They are beautiful, and it is no wonder as Maija Tabaka herself admitted that she paints only what she likes. Last summer she painted flowers, each uniquely structured because flowers are a world of colours and absolute beauty. Many artists are reluctant to paint flowers, though according to the common saying, it doesn’t matter what you paint but how you paint. For Maija Tabaka what and how to paint have always been equally important. Along with the floral paintings, viewers will see several artworks from the past which have rarely been seen by the public.

Photo credit: Maija Nora Tabaka. In orchids. 2019. Oil on canvas. 54x65 cm

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