Landscape. Far and Near. II
 The Ķemeri Moor. 2007. Oil on canvas, 70x90 Jānis Andris Osis. Flickering Garden. 2009. Mixed technique on cardboard, 80x60 
  Swamp deposit. 2009. Mixed technique on canvas, 81x116 Swamp Waters. 2009. Oil on canvas, 80x110 
  Morning at the Beberbeķi. 2009. Oil on canvas, 80x100 Jānis Andris Osis. A Moor. 2006. Oil on cardboard, 60x150cm 
  Reflections. 2009. Oil on canvas, 80x100 
3.03.2010-27.03.2010Jānis Andris Osis

Landscape. Far and Near. II

Solo exhibition

A solo exhibition of the works of Prof. Jānis Andris Osis entitled “Landscape Far and Near II” opens at the Gallery Daugava on March 3, 2010 and runs through March 27. This exhibition, having the same title as a previous one two years earlier, reflects the artist’s continued interest in the marshes of Latvia and proves that a marsh with its undisturbed fauna and flora can be a worthwhile artistically inspiring subject.
Because of the tales and legends told about them, marshes are thought to be somewhat mysterious and frightening places due to unexpected quagmires and other imagined unforeseen dangers that might be lurking just out of sight. Marshes are not like the Gauja valley, always an inviting place to stroll whether during bird-cherry blossom time, in the fall with its golden colours or when everything is white during the winter. Marshes where nothing can easily be built, planted or harvested are generally ignored and avoided by people. They do however, offer a certain kind of romanticism as they are some of the remaining places where nature can still be experienced in its undisturbed state. And once the complexity, contrasts and fragility of the environment of a marsh are discovered and understood the marsh becomes a source of intense and enduring interest.
This was discovered by Prof. Osis and has become a source of inspiration and creativity for him. According to the artist, in recent years the marshes of Latvia where nature is still intact have had a special appeal for him, and when taken in the context of the legends surrounding them, a deeper meaning as well. The influence of the contrasts of the marsh is seen in his works where by shifting the focus from a distant horizon to a nearby object or moving from a general view to a particular spot, dynamism is created. This is also seen when contrasting the brilliant exoticism of far-away countries with the familiar mood filled landscapes of Latvia.

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