Bestial Game
 Aigars Bikse. Foxes Playing with Medium-range Rocket. The Far East. 2019. Wood, 131x108x30 cm. Photo: Renars Derrings Aigars Bikse. A Lad with a Paper-bag on his Head. The Planet Earth. 2019. Wood, 104,5x62x36,5 cm. Photo: Renars Derrings 
  Aigars Bikse. A Bird Calling on a Suricat. The South of Africa. 2019. Wood, 286x150x100 cm. Photo: Renars Derrings Aigars Bikse. A Hare Learning to pull out the Ring from an Infantry Hand-grenade. 2019. Bronze, 55x21x23 cm. Photo: Renars Derrings 
  Aigars Bikse. A Fox Listening in the Rocket. The North of America. 2019. Bronze, 73x45x23,5 cm. Photo: Renars Derrings Aigars Bikse. The Hawks’ Fight with a Drop-bomb. The Andes Mountains. 2019. Bronze, 46x42x46 cm. Photo: Renars Derrings 
  Aigars Bikse. A Bear Joggling with a Rocket. West Siberia. 2019. Bronze, 56x22x15,5 cm. Aigars Bikse. A Suricat Steps up on the Infantry Mine. The North of Namibia. 2019. Bronze, 44x16x30 cm. Photo: Renars Derrings 
11.09.2019-26.10.2019Aigars Bikse

Bestial Game

In this exhibition I am looking at the inevitably changing relationships of people which endlessly await them. In my sculptures I depict totemic animals and birds that have come into contact with aircraft bombs, rockets and mines. In my opinion, fighting equipment symbolizes the power of changes in every situation or structure since the very moment of their emergence. I believe that the existence of contemporary global militarism is based on such relations and insecurity that a man experiences by refusing to accept inevitable changes. It is obvious that interstate policy is deliberately cultivating fear and mutual distrust with the aim of keeping up public expenses for military needs in the world.

The subject of the exhibition came to me in Japan a few years ago when the relations between the USA and North Korea had reached the lowest point. The USA expressed threats to North Korea, and North Korea did the same to the USA. Rocket systems were placed in the streets of the capital city of Japan in case North Korea would fire its atomic weapons at the targets in Japan. A really ominous enemy is necessary to make society spend its financial resources for the creation of new more powerful and destructive weapons. In the global world the super powers are resting on the piles of weapons which can instantly destroy the whole humanity and this planet – the Earth.

Arms race is a bestial game.

Photo credit: Aigars Bikse. Bestial Game

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