1960s, 1970s, 1980s
 Biruta Baumane. Nude. Oil on canvas, 100x74 Lija Būmane. Still life. Oil on canvas, 54x65 
  Biruta Delle. The Fireplace. 1967. Oil on canvas, 140x110 Biruta Delle. Composition of the literary theme. 1970. Oil on canvas, 137x150 
  Inta Dobrāja. Nude. 1976. Oil on canvas, 100x800 Ivars Heinrihsons. View from the window. 1986. Oil on canvas, 90x92 
  Vija Maldupe. The Academy's graduation work sketch. 1972. Kartons, eļļa, 35x48 Vija Maldupe. Terra Incognita. 80s, Oil on canvas 
  Imants Vecozols. A Small Town. 1967. Oil on canvas, 37x47 Imants Vecozols. Autumn Mood. 1963. Oil on canvas, 50x50 
  Vladimirs Andrijenko. Windy day. 1978. Oil on canvas, 90x100 
30.11.2011-14.01.2012Juris Baklāns, Lija Būmane, Edvards Grūbe, Džemma Skulme, Herberts Siliņš, Laimdots Mūrnieks, Biruta Baumane, Rūdolfs Pinnis, Imants Vecozols, Biruta Delle

1960s, 1970s, 1980s

Artworks from private collections

1960’s, 70’s, 80’s painting — an excursion into the past and not so distant past.
For some viewers, the exhibition will provide a chance to look back to their youth and possibly evoke a nostalgia for the art of those years. This art is rarely seen at exhibition in Riga and cannot be found in museum expositions at all. For gallery visitors born of that era, this exhibition could be a revelation. That was a time when many our popular and recognized artists were starting out as “the young and promising” as also of the already established artists. The joint exhibition features works by Rūdolfs Pinnis, Biruta Baumane, Laimdotis Mūrnieks, Herberts Siliņš, Džemma Skulme, Edvards Grūbe, Imants Vecozols, Lija Būmane, Biruta Delle, Juris Baklāns and others. These celebrities are mentioned here to tempt you to the gallery in December and January. This exhibition is a New Year’s gift to those who love and appreciate art.

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