Right Here
 Pavasaris. 2019. Audekls, eļļa. 130x150 Novembris. 2018. Audekls, eļļa.130x150 
  Rīts I, 2019. Audekls, eļļa. 120x160 Rudens. 2019. Audekls, eļļa. 120x160 
  Vakars I. 2019. Audekls, eļļa. 130x150 Vakars II. 2019. Audekls, eļļa. 30x40 
  Vakars I. 2019. Audekls, eļļa. 30x40 Vakars II. 2019. Audekls, eļļa. 120x180 
  Rīts II. 2019. Audekls, eļļa. 120x160 Vasara. 2017. Audekls, eļļa. 40x30 
  Ziema. 2018. Audekls, eļļa. 130x180 Septembris. 2019. Audekls, eļļa. 40x30 
  Meža mala. 2019. Audekls, eļļa. 50x40 Kalns. 2019. Audekls, eļļa. 40x30 
  Ziemas ceļš. 2018. Audekls, eļļa. 50x60 Pļava. 2017. Audekls, eļļa. 33x55 
30.09.2020-30.11.2020Līga Purmale

Right Here

Līga Purmale’s solo-show “Right Here” is the result of the last three years of her creative process, although time does not constitute the quality and artistic value of a work of art. Nature and painting are the two perpetual magnitudes to which Līga Purmale gravitates in her work. Līga Purmale holds them dear, to some extent even worships them. The dynamic nature of the times in which we live, the constant noise and colourfulness of our everyday lives invites one to hold his breath and enjoy the process of viewing Līga Purmale’s paintings. To some extent this exhibition is meant for those who have maintained the ability to truly “see” art, feel it and experience it. The motives used by the artist have been captured by her close at hand, right here – in Kurzeme, when looking through her window, going on walks and observing nature around the clock.

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