The Sunny Day
 Garden design. 2020 Oil on canvas. 80x60 Gardener. 2021. Canvas, oil. 90x110 
  Winter Garden. 2021. Canvas, oil. 100x80 Fairy. 2021. Canvas, oil. 120x90 
  ICourtyard. 2020. Canvas, oil. 50x60 House by the pool. 2020. Canvas, oil. 80x100 
  A girl with a sun hat. 2019. Canvas, oil. Diam. 60 Yards. 2020. Canvas, oil. 50x60 
  Girl with a bicycle. 2021. Canvas, oil. 110x90 Untitled. 1992. Canvas, oil. 159x81,5 
  Aesthetic. 1991. Canvas, oil. 130x116 On the blood. 1991. Canvas, oil. 180x140 
  Gates. 1990. Canvas, oil. 130x116 Kimono. 1991. Canvas, oil. 145x109,5 
  Poppies. 2020. Canvas, oil. 60x80 Green garden. 2020. Canvas, oil. 50x60 
  Pond. 2020. Canvas, oil. 60x80 Courtyard. 2020. Canvas, oil. 60x80 
  Garden. 2020. Canvas, oil. 70x60 Courtyard. 2020. Canvas, oil. 100x80 
16.06.2021-7.07.2021Maija Nora Tabaka

The Sunny Day

The exhibition title could as well be the “Festive Day” or “A Day of Joy” . The show is charged with positive emotions for the joy of its viewers and also for  Maija Nora Tabaka (1939)herself. The artist has just received the Purvitis award for her life-time contribution to art. She had already put the brushes aside, but having got the news of the award she set up her easel and resumed painting, The result  was three small scale paintings.. It vividly illustrates how important  recognition is for artists.

The exhibition presents seven Maija Tabaka’s artworks painted around 1992. They were on display at her magnificent  solo-show in the National Art museum. It was nearly 30 years ago. Some people  might remember these paintings, several others may have forgotten them, but many people have never seen them at all, since an art collector from Canada bought them and took to Canada.   

Recently Janis Zuzans, the patron of art and collector informed Maija Tabaka that he had managed to buy these artworks back and bring to Latvia.

Maija Tabaka highly appreciates Zuzans’ deed. She had always regretted parting from her best artworks and not knowing their location afterwards. Splendid canvases “Estetus” (1991), “Kimono” (1991), “Serenade”(1991) “Gates” (1990), “ On the Precipice”(1991), “ To Leave” (1989) can be referred to “Maija Tabaka’s theatre” where we recognize her models – the actors. The artist here acts like a stage manager making actors play out significant situations.

After 30 years the encounter with these paintings starts on June 16, in the exhibition “The Sunny Day”. It is a festive day! It is a festive occasion also for the gallery “Daugava” since all exhibition activities were sustained for over seven months. The exhibition “The Sunny Day” is on from 16.06 till 01.07

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