Jānis Annuss
  Jānis Annuss Romā. 20. gs. 60. gadi 

Jānis Annuss

Labyrinths and other Places

“Back then, some seventeen years ago, the Daugava gallery was located in premises rented from St. John’s church at No.7, Jāņa sēta. It was a pleasant summer afternoon, the gallery doors and windows were open and the visitors were open to conversation and the desire to share their impressions and opinions on art. An elegant gentleman with bushy white, longish hair started up a conversation with me. He was dressed in a snow white shirt and black velvet jacket under which I could see red braces. On his feet were boots with pointed toes. He had air of distracted charm and elegance, which I remember fondly to this day because our chance meeting blossomed into friendship. On that occasion we talked about the painting of Jānis Tīdemanis of which there was much to enthuse about. My partner in conversation quipped that “Tīdemanis was phenomenal”followed by an offer to share his memories because he’d had opportunity to enjoy the artist’s company. We arrange to meet the next morning before the gallery opened. I hadn’t a clu who I was going to meet or the feeling that this person thought I should recognise him. It was clear that he was from the emigre Latvian comunity but his visual appearance led me to think he was an artist.”..

Publisher: Galerija Daugava
Release year: 2013
Pages: 48
Artist: 772

Photo credit: cover of book Jānis Annuss

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