Alberts Francisks Pauliņš
  Nook of The Artist`s Studio. 2010. Oil on cardboard, 80x100 
  Already Autumn. 2013. Oil on cardboard, 80x100 Alberts Francisks Pauliņš. Girl. 2013. Oil on cardboard, 81x65cm 
  Alberts Francisks Pauliņš. May. 1993. Acrylic on cardboard, 83x105cm Before you light up lanterns. 1999. Oil on canvas, 80x95 
  Sunny, Windy Morning. 1998. Oil on canvas, 110x93 XXX. 1994. Oil on cardboard, 110x93 
  For Taira. 2013. Oil on cardboard, 81x65 

Alberts Francisks Pauliņš

“Alberts Pauliņš – a painter of Tukums”, might be the most apt statement of him as an artist and a man with his own destiny and mission. “As years go by, I get more and more convinced of it. I paint what I know best of all, what I live with and treasure, I paint my own world through my feelings.”

Having thoroughly embraced his new home, Alberts Pauliņš’ painting depicts Tukums from diverse viewpoints, its narrow streets, the church tower and lanterns, as well as trees and clouds. His paintings with their bright colours and emotions radiating from the canvas reflect his association with Tukums. Brilliant chords, sonatas and even symphonies are created on canvas by the interplay and improvisation of colour areas. Alberts Pauliņš makes us believe that life is marvelous, a great prize given to man that should be valued and treated as a gift. Darkness exists to enable us to evaluate and enjoy light that allows us to see and admire the brightness of colors. Alberts Pauliņš is happiest while painting. His paintings with its brilliance, romantic wistfulness and love of nature express man’s aspirations for the future.

Publisher: Galerija Daugava
Release year: 2013
Pages: 84

Photo credit: cover of book Alberts Francisks Pauliņš

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