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Anitas Arbidānes, Līgas Purmales, Andra Eglīša, Laimas Eglītes, Daces Lielās, Vijas Zariņas un c.

The Light

06.09. - 07.10. 2023

The Old Master of Latvian painting Imants  Vecozols´ 90th birthday was on July 22. His jubilee exhibition was held in the Latvian National Art museum, and the gallery Daugava also wanted to mark this outstanding event in its exhibition activities. About 15 years ago the gallery Daugava published a voluminous album of the Master’s  paintings. While working on the album we had a lot of discussions about art and  life, during which we came to interesting  conclusions . Imants Vecozols: „ If there is a mystery in the world, it is light”/.../  I construct  light using lots of white colour, but I would like to achieve the same effect by means of black or blue colour. And it is possible  without altering the conception  of  painterly qualities. It is important to know where the light comes from: the sun or a cellar. It may come from a long distance or from a candle, even from the cosmos.  Imants Vecozols’ conclusion was : if the artist succeeds in painting light, we can talk about  mental values in the artwork.

Apart from  Imants Vecozols’ artworks, we can also enjoy the depiction of  light in the paintings  of Liga Purmale, Andris Eglitis, Dace Lielā, Vija Zariņa, Rudite Dreimane, Aleksejs Naumovs, Kaspars Zariņš, Maija Tabaka and Aija Zariņa.