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Vilnis Zābers, Sigismunds Vidbergs, Roberts Stārosts, Edagars Iltners, Boriss Bēziņš, Māris Ārgalis, Jānis Ziņģītis, Elza Sīle, Sandra Krastiņa, Neonilla Medvedjeva, Mārtiņš Upītis, Ilze Pavāre, Elīna Zunde, Oto Skulme, Sanda Skujiņa, Leonīds Āriņš, Ģederts Eliass

A Draughtsman

06.05.2009 - 25.05.2009

The central place of the exhibition is occupied by the best drawings of the Art Academy students, mainly by those that got the highest assessment in the drawing show and Māris Bensons scholarship for the next study year: Neonilla Medvedjeva, Ilze Pavāre, Mārtiņš Upītis, Elīna Zunde. At the opening of the exhibition the vice-rector of the Art Academy Andris Teikmanis named the best students- draughtsmen of the current study year: Neonilla Medvedjeva again, also Elza Sīle and Sanda Skujiņa. Each student was awarded a one-time monetary prize from the Scholarship Fund of the Art Academy. For the emerging artists to compare and perfect their skills, the works by them are exhibited together with the work of the artists who are completely at home with drawing: Normunds Brasliņš, Sandra Krastiņa, Andris Vārpa, Aivars Vilipsons, Jānis Ziņģītis. The drawings by our outstanding masters from the Gallery’s collection are also exhibited – Leonīds Āriņš, Māris Ārgalis, Boriss Bērziņš, Ģederts Eliass, Edgars Iltners, Otto Skulme, Roberts Stārosts, Sigismunds Vidbergs, Vilnis Zābers. We believe that “A Draughtsman” will be in the Gallery “Daugava” spotlight for a month next spring as well.

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