Opening of Dace Lielā’s Exhibition

Opening of Dace Lielā’s Exhibition

Rietumu Capital Centre, 7 Vesetas Street

After the opening of Dace Liela’s exhibition “Paintings” on October 20 in the Western Bank’s new exhibition hall, the bank has kindly offered to host exhibitions of contemporary art in the future in their new, modern building at 7, Vesetas Street in Riga. Mr. Sergejs Grodnikovs, the public relations manager of the bank, suggested that Daugava Gallery should select an artist whose works would be displayed to start the exhibition program. Mr. Grodnikovs has always shown an interest in the events presented by the Gallery. His presence turns every meeting into an interesting talk on art, literature, music, films and on everything that is going on in the cultural life of Latvia and in the world.
Our choice was Dace Lielā whose talent and high professionalism won’t leave anyone indifferent. The exposition is comprised of her latest works. Dace’s paintings are usually of nature and may or may not include a figure, but the presence of man, his attitudes and moods are always felt in all her paintings whether depicting fields of Latvia in winter, mountains, rivers, ponds or the sea.
Dace Lielā: “All seas and oceans have some kind of magical allure, probably because you can’t see the opposite shore. Even if people don’t swim, go fishing, take boat rides or cruises, they will sit for hours by the sea shore and peer into the distance deep in thought, or they can stroll by the sea for miles on end. Is the edge of the sea some kind of border place? I like to think this visual vastness makes people happy.
I’ve long been attracted by the temptation to paint the sea or, more precisely, the image of the sea, a sea where nothing is happening except for a slight breeze. The constantly changing surface of the water depending on the light, wind and season, the rhythm and sound of the waves inspires meditative thoughts and feelings. I don’t know if it can be painted but the methodical study of the visual interaction between sky and water, the material properties depending on the light or the changes in colour and tonality in space is an attempt to create an illusion of time and space on a flat plane.
The ‘heroes’ of the painting are water and the sky. Neither air nor water have colour but a specific sea and sky do… I have to know why.
The point of view is the person and the horizon in their field of vision. Horizon – horizontal – distance.
The drawing is formed by the water’s surface that has been disturbed by the wind thus disarranging the mirror image of the sky. It is a series of tiny randomnesses that can combine in larger rhythms.
The materiality of the water has, to great extent, been determined by the means and technique of painting. My choice is acrylic paints. By mixing them with water the work process itself becomes closer to the essence of water. Everything flows and changes. One of the visual properties of water is its transparency which can be noticed by painting thinly and applying many coats of varnish.
Usually when I begin a work, I paint what is under water but in the end this becomes a secret.”

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