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On August 14, Riga witnessed a spectacular event: opening of the new Nordea house in K.Valdemāra street No. 62.
A new building means a new feature in the centre of Riga.
The building has been designed in the architects’ office Sarma&Norde.
Over 300 guests were present at the opening. The invitation said:” Let us be together to enjoy art and pleasant atmosphere”.
It was a significant event also for the Gallery “Daugava”, since we had collaborated with the Nordea bank and architects’ office Sarma&Norde in selecting art works for the bank’s interior, thus, for its art collection.
The Gallery’s collaboration with the Head of Nordea bank Administration Anatolijs Peškovs proved to be a success: his interest and responsiveness to contemporary art helped the sculpture by Igors Dobičins, Pauls Jaunzems and Kirils Panteļejevs enter the bank’s premises.
The head designer of the building and its interior is the architect Visvaldis Sarma.
Displaying artwork is the same creative process as making it. The bank’s interior with its aesthetics of minimalism is an inviting space for contemporary art. Creative exchange of ideas with the architect and his understanding of contemporary art as well as his guidelines and suggestions had a positive impact on the result. Another important contribution to the process was made by the architect Inga Zūdiņa, due to her keen and clear perception of art and space. In further collaboration she could be a good advisor to artists in resolving problems of how to integrate sculpture or site-specific objects in the city or interiors. The architects seemed to be greatly interested in the artworks that entered the interiors they had designed, now professionally supporting the process.
In the premises of Private Banking Dainis Pundurs’ exhibition works “Bee Here” and “Dry River” delight the viewers with their emotionally delicate touch. They represent man and nature, the latter being not only a source of inspiration, but life philosophy. On the roof terrace of the building there is a composition from boulders designed by the architect Visvaldis Sarma, in their execution assisted by Inga Zūdiņa. Among the forms of nature the stone by Pauls Jaunzems “The Sprout”, on the verge of flouring, seems to be rightly placed. The terrace is a Nordea hanging garden: a spot of nature in the city centre. Stone as the material for artwork dominates in the bank’s interior: about two metres high granite works by Igors Dobičins “Finger I”, “Finger II”, “Finger III” and Pauls Jaunzems’ “Morning Sun”: four polished granite spheres, on the sixth floor. There are also canvases by Dace Lielā “Patheon I” and “Patheon II” depicting granite pillars. These two large-scale works, an example of superb painting, were created for the artist’s solo show in the National Art museum.
If we talked about art in public spaces globally, we would not be able to boast of any challenges. But now Riga has gained a lot: contemporary sculpture with its emotion, imagery and power of form has entered a public interior.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Greetings from Gallery Daugava

The painter Dace Lielā has been awarded the Three-star Order, which is the highest distinction of our coutry

Artist Andris Eglītis has been elected as the head of painting department in Art Academy of Latvia

Latvian National Television visits the gallery on the opening day of Dace Lielā's solo exhibition

Meeting with artist Jānis Murovskis

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Gallery Daugava

New edition "Kārlis Baumanis 100" by Daugava Gallery

Dainis Pundurs Receives the Highest Honor for Achievements in Ceramic Art

Four Upcoming Ceramists in Daugava Gallery

The President of Latvia and His Spouse visit Daugava Gallery

The Birds Have Gathered in Alksnāja Street

Christmas and New Year Greetings

Kristīne Markus` exhibition "The Place" in Alūksne Museum.

Dace Lielā` exhibition "Paintings" has won in the spring voting of "Kilogram of Culture 2015".

Kaspars Teodors Brambergs has just returned from residence in Austria.

The King of Norway receives a painting by Dace Lielā.

The gallery Daugava` new exhibition space at 1 Ausekļa Street.

Opening of the new gallery Daugava exhibition space at 1 Ausekļa Street.

Gallery Daugava at Affordable Art Fair in Stockholm.

Gallery Daugava has published a book Baiba Vegere.

Kristīne Markus. Snails parade.

Sanda Skujiņa. Coreografia Piatta. Specchia, Italy.

Pēteris Martinsons. Bronze bust opening in Kecskemet .

Contact. Graphics.

Dace Lielā Laureate of Diena Annual Culture Award 2013.

Opening of the Exhibition Presidental portraits.

Alberts Francisks Pauliņš. Gallery Daugava. 2013.-84 pages

Jānis Annuss. Gallery Daugava. 2013.-48 pages

Art Academy students awarded Boriss Bērziņš' scholarschip

Projection. Janis John Annus

Foreign Minister to present EU High Representative with painting by Kaspars Zariņš, Special Flowers

Dainis Pundurs. "Diena" Annual Culture Award

Andris Eglitis. Purvitis Prize 2013

Biruta Delle. Gallery Daugava. 2013.-263 pages

Carmel Skutelsky. Gallery Daugava. 2012.-92 pages

Students who recieved the Boriss Bērziņš's scholarship had a meeting with Mr. Guntis Rāvis

Art Academy students awarded Boriss Bērziņš' scholarschip

Uģis Auziņš. Rustica. Opening of the Exhibition

Exhibition in two parts:
I. Imants Vecozols. Routine Close Up
II. Imants Vecozols & his students

Vilnis Titāns. Gallery Daugava.2011. — 152 pages

Mr. Guntis Rāvis had a meeting with the students who received the Boriss Bērziņš’s scholarship in the previous academic year...

Opening of the Exhibition Days of Art in Rietumu Bank, Rietumu Capital Centre, 7 Vesetas Street

Opening of the Exhibition Seasons in Painting, Rietumu Capital Centre, 7 Vesetas Street

Opening of Laima Bikše's Exhibition, Rietumu Capital Centre, 7 Vesetas Street

Opening of Dace Lielā's Exhibition, Rietumu Capital Centre, 7 Vesetas Street

The President of Latvia is visiting Gallery Daugava to view the exhibition On the Way of Biruta Delle

Art Academy students awarded Boriss Bērziņš’ scholarship

The President of Latvia is visiting Aleksejs Naumovs' Exhibition Landscape. XXI Century Gallery Daugava

Opening of the new Nordea house

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