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Galerija Daugava
Galerija Daugava

09.01.2019. - 09.02.2019.

    (17.01.1944) PAINTINGS

    Who was Unwanted in the
    Olive garden ...

Biruta Delle’s (b. 17.01.1944) exhibition is on in the gallery Daugava. We could say that it is a current exhibition of hers as all artists from time to time give an account of their work and address their viewers. The exhibition is entitled “Who was Unwanted in the Olive Garden…” and the experts of Biruta’s painting might remember her artwork under the intuition since her subconsciousness reveals the quintessence of her as an artist. She is able to perceive and put on canvas anything this mysterious world presents.  Who was unwanted in the olive same title created in 1977, the one in which her new discoveries in painting and her abilities were summarized. In the process of painting Delle has always relied on her garden: the great loner or the eternal seeker, so often misunderstood and unaccepted? Has Delle changed in her painting, what has appeared and disappeared in it? The painting of 1977 will help us to find the answer, along with the works from the other decades. After all, Biruta Delle’s 75th birthday is in January. She has passed an impressive way in art, very complicated even painful, but also full of satisfaction.

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Photo: Who was Unwanted in the Olive Garden ... 1977. Canvas/oil, 118x143cm.

09.01.2019. - 09.02.2019.

Biruta Delle (1944.17.01) paintings. Who was Unwanted In The Olive
Garden ...

13.02.2019. - 09.03.2019.

Laima Bikše. Closer. And Always It Seems, I Get Closer.

13.03.2019. - 13.04.2019.

Kaspars Zariņš. Happiness Gene.

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