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Galerija Daugava
Galerija Daugava

13.03.2019. - 13.04.2019.

    The Joy Gene.

Joy is one of the major components of life. We can see joy reflecting in man’s eyes, facial expression and body movements. But no one knows what a pure emotion of joy or a gene of joy is like and how it looks when visualized.
That’s why I wished to paint the emotion of joy so that the viewers while looking at my paintings could feel happy or at least a little joyful. I think that good painting can speak to the viewer directly without a mediator. Colour and the way of applying it is a language which in its turn is perceived by a human eye and mind. These energetic impulses created by the artist reach the soul through the brain and emerge as a smile on the face. I believe, it will happen here as well.
My paintings are abstract, executed in oil and acryl. Yet, I dare to assert that my abstractions are real as I paint the visual image of emotions. If we had painted a piece of sky or the sun it would be real and abstract at the same time. Thus, I could draw parallels with musical compositions which are essentially abstract, but at the same time create the world before our eyes and make us enthusiastic and sympathetic.
People always strive for the beautiful and harmonious both in life and art. At present visual art is in a confusion because it lacks clear-cut criteria. It is due to the rapid development of technologies, which can become a part of art themselves. But, in my opinion, painting will never cease existing since it embodies the artist’s very personal point of view in an easily comprehensible way, and everything that has got a stroke of genius is simple.

Kaspars Zariņš

Photo: The Joy Gene 4. 2019. Canvas/oil, 110x110.

13.03.2019. - 13.04.2019.

Kaspars Zariņš. The Joy Gene.

17.04.2019. - 18.05.2019.

Aija Jurjāne. Memorial Exhibition.

22.05.2019. - 29.06.2019.

Dace Lielā. Paintings.

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